I am what I experience
therefore, there is never I

I starts to smoke, I like scotch, I play golf
I am what I like…

I look deeper and deeper
there I am..
I am in my own hand

An useful comparision [zz]

Just as the U.S. struggled throughout the 19th century to resolve its contradictions, so will China in coming years. …able to get a clear-eyed view of the brash young nation (the People’s Republic is just 61 years old) across the Pacific …
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Very disappointed about Microsoft

MSNSpace got terminated after not get improved for many years. Cause MS is never serious about it…

Maybe I have got clinging too much to old things. Time to move on.

Mobile OS and service

I feel that Windows phone (and maybe Android) will prevail the market, because they are focusing on the operating system instead of devices. Devices change too fast, and come in great variety (except for Apple’s shiny devices).

WP7 also has the edge of going live (online services of game, social network, again not about device). In comparison, Google Android has not integrated Google-doc yet.

Personally, I like WP7’s Zune like interface. Its way less crowded than other types of mobile device interfaces, and it looks pretty cool when a verity of grey fonts float in the black space. Don’t get me wrong…it is still quite effective acting as an interface.